Policy Work

Amplify Youth Voices

Core to UTEC’s mission is the idea that those closest to the problem should lead the efforts for a solution. And given that the young people that UTEC serves are often ones that do not have their voices heard, this is especially critical.

Ignite Social Justice

UTEC’s organizing program develops a launchpad to impact systemic change through legislative and administrative policies to improve outcomes for all systems impacting young adults today.

We seek to train young adults in the principles of social justice and community organizing. Through this work, they learn skills to allow them to systematically address problems and inequities in their communities.

We recognize that the young adults impacted by systemic barriers are the true experts on these issues, and can identify specific challenges and potential solutions based on their lived experience.

Support Our Policywork

Through organizing work, young adults gain a sense of agency that empowers them to make change in their own lives as well as their communities.

Amplify their voices by supporting their policy platform.

This work has become even more critical, given the disparities that have been exacerbated by COVID-19, as well as the increasing immediacy of racial justice issues in the national discourse.

Organizing Focus Areas

Criminal Justice System


Criminal Justice Systems change particularly focuses on advancements within the correctional systems and probation to best create education, training, and life skills pathways for disadvantaged and justice-involved 17-25 year olds. 

We also look closely at policies focused on a whole-family and “2Gen” approach. Currently UTEC has a partnership with the Aspen Institute through Ascend that focuses on the 2gen approach. Making it possible for UTEC to not only provide services for young adults but also offer childcare services that extend to their children.