Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Vision and Pledge

We understand that young adults’ success relies on diverse leadership, equitable practices, and an inclusive culture. This understanding is at the core of our DEI Statement.


At UTEC we pledge to honor, value, support, and protect the lived experiences and expertise of individuals regardless of their position or title in the organization. This is how we create a space of comfort, courage, and growth.


UTEC is a diverse community where we — staff, young adults, and everyone in the UTEC community — feel safe and our expression of self and our cultures are celebrated. We strive to embody social justice in the way we work by adopting anti-racist structures and disavowing white supremacist culture and practices. We challenge all forms of oppression used to silence and bully others.


At UTEC, staff care about one another. We embrace that growth may at times come through discomfort. We speak freely, assuming good intentions. We understand that there is a difference between intent vs. impact and are willing to self-examine when the impact made was negative. We embody a culture that leans into discomfort and recognizes it as a growth opportunity, embracing teachable moments, and promoting safe and brave spaces.


UTEC is dedicated to a fair and equitable compensation practice. We are committed to the health, mental health, and overall well-being of young adults and staff and to creating an environment where young adults and staff have work-life balance. We support the individual and professional growth of all.

Our Staff

Our Leadership Team

Our Young Adults

UTEC’s target population is young people ages 17-25 in Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, MA, who are out of school and have histories of gang involvement and/or incarceration.