Our Young Adults

Meet our Young People

UTEC’s program is designed for young adults with proven barriers to success, primarily incarceration and gang involvement.

Hear Their Stories


“Since prioritizing my mental health with my counselor, I’ve learned how to talk through how I’m feeling to better identify what’s going on, and it’s been so helpful that I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore.”


“We all make mistakes as a child. We shouldn’t get a life sentence for them.”


“When I first got out of jail, I had no car, no good job, no apartment, no good work ethic, and now I have all those things.”

Who We Work With

UTEC’s target population is young people ages 17-25 in Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, MA, who are out of school and have histories of gang involvement or incarceration.

UTEC’s focus on older youth is intentional. We seek to serve young people who may not have found success in other, shorter-term programs or who may have been underserved by the judicial system. We believe everyone deserves a clean slate.

Young Adults Served


enrolled in our intensive program


served through Streetworker and community outreach


average age of our young adults

Our young adults have multiple barriers to success.


Enrolled with a Criminal Record


Were Gang Involved


Lacked High School Credential

Despite these barriers,

Young adults continue to pursue positive change for themselves and their communities.

A Few More Details

About 80% are male and 20% are female. Of these 119 young adults, 61% are from Lowell, 23% are from Lawrence, 11% are from Haverhill, and 5% are from other towns and cities in the Merrimack Valley. Nearly 56% have been involved in the child welfare system, and about one-third (34%) had been adjudicated in the juvenile justice system.