Young adults in Madd Love Market’s Woodworking Social Enterprise are developing professional and socio-emotional skills to carve out better futures for themselves.

Through the enterprise, they gain a broad understanding of working in a production environment and receive hands-on training with basic and advanced woodworking and construction tools and equipment. This robust experience can translate to lucrative future employment in construction, machining, commercial woodworking, and numerous other skilled trades.


Working closely with our program’s skilled woodworkers, our young people develop high-quality products including cutting boards, salad tongs, ornaments, magnets, merchandising displays and various custom items.

Corporate Gifts

UTEC partners with companies to allow them to provide high-end corporate or client gifts while supporting our mission. Our boards can be custom engraved with corporate logos for a professional and unique marketing tool. By choosing products from UTEC Woodworking, you give a gift that shows your care for both the recipient and your community.

We offer bulk ordering and custom engraving for our hand-crafted wood products that offer great gifts for employees, partners, or customers. We are happy to work with you on customized messaging and any needs specific to your brand and customers.

Custom Projects

Do you have a unique need?

Madd Love Market has built custom displays, dorm room furniture, bookshelves, and more. Reach out to our team, and we’d love to work with you to bring your wooden vision to life!

Contact the Woodworking Crew!

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