Outcomes & Impact


In FY23, young adults at UTEC continued to chip away toward their goals and make a difference in their communities, while staff ensured they had the support they needed to be safe, stable, and successful. 

Outcomes and Impacts Report


fewer re-arraignments

70% of young adults at UTEC avoided arrest. Note: Only 24% of young adults incarcerated in MA county jails remained free of new arrests for three years following release (CSG 2018 analysis of FY2011- 2014 data).


promotions earned

67 promotions were earned by young adults in social enterprises


Social-Emotional Learning Awards

152 awards were earned by young adults for progress across social-emotional learning areas


mental health sessions

2,093 group and 1:1 mental health sessions have been attended by young adults

Areas of Impact

UTEC is a nationally recognized program for justice-involved young adults. The program starts behind the walls of correctional facilities and transitions into an intensive program in the community post-release. The nature of our wraparound supports, social enterprises, organizing work, training institute, and innovative partnerships creates a variety of impacts in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve. With over 20 years of experience, UTEC is a catalyst, innovating in the way we serve young adults (ages 17-25) who are criminally and/or gang involved in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley.

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