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What we do

UTEC is dedicated to helping young people overcome the very real challenges of poverty, gang involvement, and unemployment.

Our Impact

87% of UTEC young adults in UTEC’s workforce development programming had no new re-arraignments.

Re-arraignment rates for these young adults are one-quarter of the state average.

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You Can't Put Your Old Mattress in the Trash in Mass. Anymore, So How Do You Recycle It?

In Massachusetts, you are no longer allowed to put your old mattress in the trash. This makes disposing of them a challenge but it’s also proving to be a business opportunity. The team at the Untied Teen Equality Center — or UTEC — has been one of the first in the state to recycle mattresses.


To end the age of incarceration, three communities pioneer a developmental approach

The public defenders will collaborate closely with the staff and youth at UTEC, a Lowell-based nonprofit that has been supporting the wellness, development, and empowerment of emerging adults involved in the criminal legal system since 1999.


Officials recognize Earth Day at UTEC mattress recycling plant in Lawrence

A group of officials and workers alike celebrated Earth Day with UTEC, the largest mattress recycler in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

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