Training Center


Equipping youth organizations and their partners with a place for community-based violence prevention programs to gather, network, learn, grow, and share.

Our Programs

Gun Violence Prevention Center for Excellence

New England Streetworker Conference

Emerging Adult ReEntry Program

Through funding provided by the Department of Public Health in partnership with Health Resources in Action (HRiA), UTEC launched the Gun Violence Prevention Training Center for Excellence (TC4E) in 2019 to address gun violence through both a public health and racial equity lens.

The TC4E delivers training, technical assistance, and network-building to the statewide Gun Violence Prevention cohort of 15 community based, youth serving, violence prevention organizations.

The New England Streetworker Conference is the largest gathering of streetworkers in the country. Every year, we come together as a Streetworker community to strengthen our bonds and work towards cementing, and further legitimizing, Street Outreach as a profession. We hope to return for a 5th year for a day of networking, learning, and sharing.

The Emerging Adult Reentry Project is focused on furthering policy initiatives for emerging adult justice best practices while providing support to develop and sustain specified emerging adult units within the correctional system, focusing on successful re-entry. The project aims to develop a continuum of services for emerging adults (18-25) returning from incarceration through re-entry.

The project is funded by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and in partnership with Health Resources in Action (HRIA) and the Columbia Justice Lab.

We believe that peace is possible

We are building a professional network of peacemakers and youth workers with the goal to end violence and poverty through positive youth development, restorative justice, and civic engagement. We believe in values-driven culture and wraparound support to see strong outcomes for justice-involved emerging adults.

We believe in making change at all levels, from the individuals we work with to the laws that govern our community. To that end, we believe in equipping organizations to empower the youth to create lasting changes through youth organizing and policy-making.

The goal of UTEC’s training institute is to share these values and train youth workers to amplify their impact in a professional network.

Areas of Expertise

UTEC’s nationally recognized innovative model starts behind the walls of correctional facilities and is intentionally designed for 17-25 year old young people with proven risk factors, primary criminal and gang involvement. All areas of expertise incorporate positive youth development with a racial equity and public health lens.

  • Street Outreach
  • Social Needs Assessment & Referrals
  • Mentoring
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Youth Organizing & Policymaking
  • Community Engagement & Mobilization
  • Circle & Restorative Justice Training

Services Provided

Staff Training

Peer Exchange

Technical Assistance

Learning Community

Various workshops related to the expertise areas listed above are offered to the general public. Facilitators will often partner with direct service providers and researchers to create an informed, engaging, and collaborative learning environment.

A space where learning communities can support one another to work synergistically with their partners to employ community mobilization strategies and engagement activities and share challenges and success with partners in the field.

UTEC’s training institute partners with internal and external experts in their field to provide instruction, skills training, and consulting services.

Streetwork and community-based anti-violence work is an essential service in cities with histories of poverty and violence. Get all municipal departments trained on how to collaborate with this critical subset of youth work, from police and probation to the departments of economic development and public health.


UTEC Training Institute partners with state-wide and national organizations who empower community-based violence prevention and the policies that support their work.