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Our approach: UTEC is dedicated to helping young people overcome the very real challenges of poverty, gang involvement, unemployment, and cultural barriers that are pervasive in our communities of Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, MA. UTEC uses a proven model to create success and better futures for our young adults, and ultimately, for all of us. When impact young adults succeed, our communities see the greatest positive impact on public safety, public health, and economic development.

Our blended model: UTEC’s programs begin with intensive street outreach and correctional facility in-reach to proven-risk young adults. UTEC engages them through intensive supports, job training in multiple social enterprises, and on-site high school credential classes. Social justice and civic engagement are embedded throughout. In 2017, UTEC opened an onsite early childhood education center and introduced two-generation programming for the young parents who we already serve. UTEC’s primary outcome areas are: reduced recidivism, increased employability, and increased educational attainment. The long-term recidivism rate for UTEC-enrolled young adults averages less than 15%, compared with a statewide average of about 50%.

Our values: We know that how we do our work every day is just as important as our program design.