Embracing Community Violence Intervention in Boston Communities and Nationwide

In FY22, Office of Justice Programs made an unprecedented investment in organizations across the country to carry out the critical work of community violence intervention. Today, we are announcing more than $90 million in additional awards, bringing our total investment to nearly $200 million in support for over 75 CVI sites nationwide.

The announcement was made in Lowell, Massachusetts at the UTEC Inc., along with several Boston area grantees spanning different types of CVI organizations from hospital-based intervention to research. UTEC Inc. is one of four organizations OJP is supporting in the Boston area, which also include Rocathe Boston Public Health Commission’s Violence Prevention Division, and Health Resources in Action. We are also investing in two research projects that will evaluate CVI initiatives here in Boston, helping to grow the evidence base around violence intervention.

“A driving factor behind the power of community violence intervention work is its recognition of the need for a comprehensive approach to best reducing violence in our local communities. This funding will allow us to engage those young adults with the support of staff with similar lived experience, ultimately creating paths for all to actualize their unique capacity to be the problem solvers our communities need most,” said Gregg Croteau, CEO, UTEC Inc.