Baguette Board




This stunning “presentation” board is as gorgeous as it is functional… a perfect palette for bread, fruit, and cheese displays. These boards make a wonderful gift for weddings, anniversaries, and special events!

Note: If desired, this board can be custom laser etched with your own message or logo. Please inquire for pricing.

Crafted from New England black walnut with cherry and maple accent strips. Sealed with 100% natural beeswax and mineral oil blend.

Dimensions 1”x 6.25”x 33"

Care and maintenance: Handwash (boards are not dishwasher safe) and dry thoroughly. Cutting boards have been treated with mineral oil and beeswax, and may bleed slightly. Any excess oil or wax is easily wiped off with a soft clean rag. To maintain the board’s condition, we suggest rubbing with food-safe mineral oil and/or beeswax every few months.