Featured in 2019 Winter Appeal

I came to UTEC after I had been incarcerated for a long time because I was interested in trying something new and getting on the right path. A UTEC Streetworker reached out, and I signed up. UTEC is understanding, and they help you figure out stuff. It’s how I’ve found success here. I have been working in wood working, and gotten more consistent with my ability to work and my patience. I am learning how to communicate in the right way for positive results.

I see people I knew out on the streets and they think they have forever to make a change. I have hopes for being something better, and I want to get there soon. My favorite part about UTEC is how they give you a friendly push – it motivates you to work harder and make progress. Especially Jose – he’s the best transitional coach I’ve had. He motivates me to do better – to do the right stuff.

My life has changed since I’ve been at UTEC because I am more positive. It’s about being around positive feedback, and just having people there to help. I am enrolled in Northern Essex Community College and taking business classes. I think about chipping away and just getting stuff done.

I am looking at all my options and want to get a good job. I want to be realistic, and I now know, it’s definitely possible.

Madd Love,