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Theory of Change

UTEC is dedicated to helping young people overcome the very real challenges of poverty, gang involvement, unemployment, and cultural barriers that are pervasive in our communities. UTEC intentionally engages impact young adults, ages 17-25, who are returning to our communities from incarceration or have other histories of serious criminal and/or gang involvement. When impact young adults succeed, our communities see the greatest positive impact.

Our Hypothesis

1) If impact young adults (with serious gang- and/or criminal involvement) are productively engaged in UTEC activities and supports for an extended period during the critical ages of 17-25, then by 25, they will have the skills and resilience they need to maintain stable employment and avoid further criminal activity.

2) If we are able to specifically target and serve those impact young adults (through the age of 25) who are most likely to recidivate and cause harm in our communities, success will also translate into a significant return on investment from a public health, public safety, and economic development perspective.