Impact Young Adults



                            UTEC’s comprehensive enrollment program model is intentionally designed for young adults with proven

                             barriers to success, primarily incarceration and other serious criminal histories.

                            Our three service communities are all designated Gateway Cities: mid-sized cities characterized by
                            high poverty rates, low educational attainment levels, and a strong manufacturing heritage.

                            Our Young Adults’ experience and opportunities are shaped by these community challenges.


Proven Barriers (FY19)



In FY19, UTEC reached over 600 total through Streetworker outreach and
engagement, and served 167 young adults in our intensive enrollment program.


At the time of enrollment:

Proven Barriers
Had a Criminal Record


Were Gang Involved


Lacked a High School Credential


Were Parenting or Expecting


Number of Barriers
1 or more Barriers


3 or more Barriers




Improved Participant Outcomes (FY19)



Despite these barriers, our Young Adults continued to have fantastic results!

No New Convictions or Technical Violations


No New Arrests


Attempted a HiSET Test and Passed at least 1 HiSET Subject Area Test


Employed in a UTEC Social Enterprise


Young Adults Employed in a UTEC Social Enterprise and Earned an Industry-Recognized Certification. (e.g., OSHA or ServeSafe)




More about UTEC’s Young Adults



Racial/Ethnic Identity:
Latino 52%
Asian 10%
Black   9%
White/Caucasian 12%
Multiracial 17%
Other or Unknown   2%
Lowell 72%
Lawrence 12%
Haverhill   8%
Male 75%
Female 25%


Incoming young adults averaged a 7th grade reading level and 6th grade applied math level according to TABE testing.

Public Assistance – 90%
Were receiving public benefits, such as MassHealth, SNAP (food stamps), or cash assistance.

Involvement in Other Systems – 80%
have been involved in the child welfare system in the past, and one-third had been adjudicated in the juvenile justice system.