September 26, 2019

From The Lowell Sun:

LOWELL – The United Teen Equality Center, or UTEC, has announced the hiring of Anita Moeller as the program’s new chief program officer.

Moeller will begin her new position Monday and will replace interim CPO Nichelle Sadler. Sadler will serve as the organization’s leader for Center for Excellence, according to a press release by UTEC.

Moeller said she is eager to “ begin the next chapter of her life” and work on social justice and increased opportunities for young adults in the community.

“ I am excited to return to Lowell and grateful for the opportunity to bring the skills and experience that I have gained throughout my career to supporting UTEC’s mission and promise as its next CPO,” Moeller said in a press release sent out by UTEC. Moeller returns to the Greater Lowell community after spending 20 years at the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

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