Once again, UTEC hosted its City Council Candidate Forum for all candidates appearing on the November 7th ballot in Lowell. This forum, as with the past eight candidate forums UTEC has hosted over the years, was run entirely by UTEC’s young people and covered a variety of issues important to our young adults.

UTEC partnered with our good friends at Lowell Telecommunications Corporation to film the full 45-minute event in studio. LTC will be airing it regularly up until Election Day, giving all voters ample opportunity to tune in:

  • Fri., Oct. 27: 8:30am (Ch. 99) and 10am (Ch. 8)
  • Sat., Oct 28: 6pm (Ch. 99) and 7:30pm (Ch. 8)
  • Sun., Oct 29: 4pm (Ch. 8)
  • Mon., Oct. 30: 9am (Ch. 8) and 5:30pm (Ch. 99)
  • Wed., Nov. 1: 10am (Ch. 8) and 7pm
  • Fri., Nov. 3: 8:30am (Ch. 99) and 9am (Ch. 8)

The forum’s topics were chosen by UTEC’s young people and included issues such as increasing employment opportunities for the city’s youth, best approaches for dealing with youth violence and suicide, homelessness, and several others. All City Council candidates were invited to participate and nearly all of them showed up for Saturday’s lively discussion.

To keep the candidates on their toes, our young people incorporated a couple features that kept the discussion moving while adding a note of levity to the otherwise serious discussion. For most questions, each candidate had forty seconds to respond. If they then ran over the forty seconds, UTEC’s “Gong Master” (one of our young adults wearing an oversized shark’s head) sounded the gong to end their answer. There were also several “lightning rounds,” accompanied by flashing lights and a clap of thunder, whereby each candidate would quickly respond to the new question with a simple “yes” or “no.”

The forum hosts, Dante from Centralville (center) and Abdiel from Back Central (right), were all smiles after taping was concluded.

The forum was co-hosted by two of UTEC’s irrepressible young men – Dante and Abdiel – who did a masterful job introducing all of the questions, keeping the candidates on task, and maintaining a brisk pace throughout.

We hope you will tune in soon to see your candidates (and our young people!) in action – and, of course, remember to vote on Tuesday, November 7th!

Click here for UTEC’s Lowell City Council Candidate Forum 2017 VOTER GUIDE.


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Source: Lowell Sun