For 20 years, UTEC has served many young people of Lowell and, more recently, Lawrence and Haverhill, in trading violence and poverty for social and economic mobility.  The UTEC Board of Directors is proud of the many important accomplishments of UTEC’s leadership team and staff, who have worked hard, innovated, and continuously adapted to meet the needs of high risk young adults in the Merrimack Valley.

Recently the UTEC Board of Directors was notified of certain allegations made about the organization on social media. We are taking these assertions seriously and are responding with urgency. We are approaching this work with humility and an open mind, in an effort to find ways that UTEC can become an even more equitable and inclusive place for people of all racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds. 

As recommended in the statement issued by UTEC CEO Gregg Croteau, the Board has convened a committee which will engage an independent third party to review facts and perspectives gathered from current and previous employees of UTEC related to the specific information shared in social media.  

UTEC’s mission is to transform lives through a comprehensive model that is inclusive, sustainable and empowering. The Board believes that the organization and its leaders have done, and will continue to do, essential and impactful work to improve our society and create a better future for young people of all colors in the Merrimack Valley.  We support and are encouraged by the public statement recently shared by Gregg.  We will hold ourselves collectively accountable in following through on all aspects of the action plan proposed by Gregg in his statement. We will also ensure that the findings of the independent review are reflected in our action plan.

We also recognize that the membership of the Board should reflect the diversity of the communities served by UTEC in order to be just and effective as we look to fulfill our mission.  While we have made progress toward that end, the work is far from complete, and we will continue to diversify our Board composition to better represent our communities.