July 14, 2019

From The Lowell Sun:

LOWELL — On a sunny Wednesday, young adults serve customers at Cafe UTEC on Warren Street. They ring up orders and prepare sandwiches and sides, all of which were made from scratch by their peers.

At the adjacent Nancy L. and Richard K. Donahue Hub for Social Innovation, catering prep work is underway in the commercial kitchen, which will soon be the home of production for a line of almond and peanut butters. Upstairs, the childcare center — opened last year to provide daycare and early childhood education for UTEC members and their children — is quiet and the lights are off. It’s nap time.

Down the street and around the corner, the machines in the wood shop hum and whir as young adults craft cutting boards that will be sold at Whole Foods Market locations throughout the northeast. Others work on coffee tables that will find their way to college dormitories.

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