Unique Square Boards

Product information



These one-of-a-kind square boards are an original design, and are set aside during our quality control process, so we can offer them to our open-minded patrons at a fraction of the cost! Each board is crafted with local New England maple, cherry, and walnut wood and is finished with our own blend of hand-rubbed mineral oil and beeswax for protection.

Price does not include shipping or taxes.

Dimensions: Vary-- each board is unique

Note: All boards are branded with the Madd Love Market logo. For information about customizing boards with your own message or logo, see our corporate sales page.

Care and maintenance: Handwash (boards are not dishwasher safe), do not soak, and dry thoroughly. Cutting boards have been treated with mineral oil and beeswax, and may bleed slightly. Any excess oil or wax is easily washed out with regular soap or detergent. To maintain the board’s condition, we suggest rubbing with food-safe mineral oil and/or beeswax every few months.