In the midst of a justified and long overdue national outcry to address systemic racism, and growing organizing within Lowell, we wanted to make sure you received the latest updates about our own work that we have committed to and have been processing within UTEC. If you haven’t already seen our previous Statements (links below to Gregg’s and the UTEC’s Board’s statements), a former staff member recently shared on social media accounts of conduct she described as racist and sexist while at UTEC. We take this very seriously and have been spending a good deal of time processing through varied dialogues with our staff and young adults. We also wanted to share some of the steps we have taken recently with respect to our overall action plan:

– The Board of Directors recently selected Boston law firm, Todd & Weld, as the independent third-party to review the specific allegations made against UTEC on social media.

– After weeks of recruiting, we hired this past week an individual to lead all HR, talent, and equity efforts – a brand new position for UTEC.

– We are in the final stages of selecting an outside company to conduct a full equity audit and assist in key related implementations.

– We are dedicating time on Fridays for our Diversity Committee (and its subcommittees) to continue their work to make improvements and advance areas raised by staff such as professional development, culture, and our engagement with young adults.

Even once the actions described above and related ones are complete, the work will be ongoing. Recent events have further reinforced our commitment to social justice, and specifically to advance racial and gender equity within UTEC. We believe that UTEC will be even stronger in the future for having done this important work.

At this time, as we continue to balance transparency with our need to focus on the work that lies ahead, we do not anticipate commenting or responding on Facebook, but we absolutely appreciate any thoughts, ideas, or questions. Please email We will keep you posted regarding any other key actions as we move forward. After our review is complete, we intend to circle back to look at other ways to engage the broader community, including any former staff as well as partners.

As always, thanks for your support and commitment.

You can read Gregg and Board’s Statements here:

Gregg’s Statement

Board’s Statement