April 14, 2020

From The Eagle-Tribune:

HAVERHILL — After the murders of Haverhill’s Efrain Maisonet and Carlos M. Rivera, several civic groups knew they had to connect with the community, as they often do in times of strife, to send a message that violence is not the answer.

But a barrier was in the way: Coronavirus-related concerns and social distancing ordinances make organizing in the traditional sense difficult.

The anti-violence groups — including UTEC, Haverhill High School’s Violence Intervention Program and POSE — are giving thanks for technology — and for the community partners in UTEC leader Gregg Croteau’s cell phone.

“Within six hours of us coming up with the idea to organize, we were on a Zoom call with 35 folks from the community,” Croteau said. “We know that with the pandemic, this kind of organizing is a bit more challenging and you have to be creative.”

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