In FY19, UTEC served 167 young adults in our intensive enrollment program, and over 600 total including Streetworker outreach and engagement. Of enrolled young adults, 89% had a criminal record; 74% were gang involved, 66% lacked a high school credential; and 38% were expecting/parenting at the time of enrollment.

Despite these barriers, our young adults achieved:

  • 97% had no new convictions or technical violations;
  • 88% had no new arrests or technical violations;
  • 76% who attempted a HiSET test passed at least 1 HiSET subject area test
  • 79% were employed in a UTEC social enterprise
  • 37% of young adults employed in a UTEC social enterprise earned an industry-recognized certification (e.g., OSHA or ServSafe).
Outcomes & Impact Reports