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It’s Valentine’s Day, but Madd Love is in the air at UTEC every day. Beyond heart-shaped boxes and pretty bouquets, there’s an even bigger force in play — the kind of love that comes through community and teamwork.

Since 1999, UTEC has been building relationships with young people. To date, we’ve reached out to over 500 proven-risk young people every year offering a clean slate for all. We’re supporting educators and transitional coaches through training, lesson plans, and private coaching. We’re recognizing young people in most need so that they can continue to receive an education and obtain job opportunities to help develop life skills. We’re also bringing innovations into our programs, giving young people access to enrichment activities – ranging from studio recording, weight lifting and break dancing to social justice and civic engagement.

Without your support and Madd Love, we wouldn’t be able to “trade violence and poverty for social and economic success.” Without the commitment from our community, educators, coaches, and Streetwork team, we wouldn’t have been able to redefine futures for young people. Most importantly, without our young people —  who inspire us every day  —  we wouldn’t have a purpose: the unrelenting belief that everyone, no matter where you are born, has promise.

Help us continue to spread Madd Love!

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Source: Lowell Sun