May 6, 2019

From 97.9 WHAV:

Gov. Charlie Baker joined local and state officials this morning to receive a progress report on UTEC’s anti-gang violence program that was spurred by the shooting death of a 20-year-old almost a year ago.

The meeting, taking place about a month before UTEC’s formal open-ing at 241 Winter St., Haverhill, pro-vided insight into how Lowell-based UTEC staff engage gang members. UTEC CEO Gregg Croteau said he was moved following the murder of Nike Colon last May 17.

“Within 24 hours of that, I got a call from the mother of Nike. She was calling me, simply to say, ‘thank you,’ because streetworkers she hadn’t known yet—Carlos and Eric—had been there the moment it happened,” he said.

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