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Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018
from 6-8 pm
SISU Center, 417 Canal Street, Lawrence MA

Join us to learn more about the story of Cummings Properties founder Bill Cummings! More than 30 nonprofits serving Lawrence and Lowell invite you to this evening with Mr. Cummings.

Mr. Cummings never aspired to be a billionaire—and never acknowledged he was one until long after it happened. His autobiography, “Starting Small and Making It Big,” shares not only how he got there, but also his singular dedication to giving back to the communities and institutions so vital to his success. In Massachusetts alone, the cash donations from Cummings entities to local charities already total more than $240 million.

Visit the SISU Center, enjoy light refreshments from the SISU Center and Cafe UTEC programs, and find out more about the story behind the Cummings Foundation’s investments in our communities. Share the Facebook event with your friends.