June 5, 2017

From 90.9 WBUR: 

A 21-year-old from Lawrence, said he supports expungement because he does not want his juvenile record to hold him back. Alvarez said police were called on him “before a punch was thrown” when he was about to get in a fight with another student as a high school freshman and he was then put in an alternative school where he “kept getting into fights” and was repeatedly arrested.

Alvarez, now a member of the Teens Leading the Way coalition, said he was charged with as- sault and battery with a dangerous weapon for kicking someone during a fight and was commit- ted to Department of Youth Services custody, where he said he learned how to respect others and earn their respect. He is now working toward his GED and employed as a lifeguard.

“I really want to work with kids,” Alvarez said. “But what if I want to be a foster parent, or what if I wanted to open a day care? Sealing a record is helpful but it isn’t enough.”

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