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Bills seek to lift criminal justice age

  February 13, 2017From the Lowell Sun:  BOSTON — Jeff Alvarez remembers how he often got into trouble as a teenager in Lawrence. He spent three months on the streets and later two years in an Essex County lockup. Alvarez, now 23, is a member of Lowell based nonprofit UTEC that helps 13 young adults … >More

Eddie Mercado’s disappearance has left big void at UTEC

    February 7, 2017From the Lowell Sun:  LOWELL — If you’ve hung around UTEC and the youth organizing community in the last decade, you probably know Eddie Mercado. A regular at UTEC on Warren Street, he was a voice for youth involvement in Lowell. “He made voting cool for our young people,” said Gregg … >More

SJC chief justice puts focus on access to judicial system

    February 4, 2017From the Lowell Sun:  LOWELL- As the nation’s political climate turns frosty towards refugees and immigrants, the states highest judge told officials in Lowell Thursday that he is concerned about ensuring equal access to the judicial system regardless of citizenship. “With each passing day, I concerned about the struggle to make … >More

UTEC seeks Lowell site for mattress-recycling facility

  February 4, 2017From the Lowell Sun:  LOWELL- The city’s planning office has been working with UTEC for more than a year to find a location for the center to bring a mattress-recycling facility in Lowell, according to a memo to the City Council. UTEC, formerly known by its full name, the United Teen Equality … >More

Still seeking work, in spite of low jobless levels in Mass.

  February 3, 2017From the Boston Globe:  The Massachusetts economy is red hot, with the unemployment rate at its lowest in 16 years. Employers fret that they can’t find enough workers, and help-wanted signs are posted on store windows across the state. But in the training kitchen at Utec Inc. in Lowell, that booming economy, … >More

Going by the book

        January 26, 2017From the Lowell Sun:  UnchARTed Gallery hosted an event for Lowell Loves to Learn’s BookNook project, which aims to bring a book to all young children in Lowell viaBookNooks made by UTEC. Read the full article HERE

A ‘foundation’ to fight gang violence

  January 12, 2017 From the Lowell Sun:  BOSTON — The fight against gang violence got a boost in Lowell, Fitchburg and other communities across the state Tuesday. Lowell received $531,920 in state grant funds to bolster its efforts combating gang violence. Almost $6 million in grant funds were made to 15 communities and 11 … >More

UTEC Community Kitchen Nears Completion

January 12, 2017 From the Lowell Sun:  LOWELL — In their cramped kitchens, budding entrepreneurs are feverishly working to build their food businesses. But eventually, the entrepreneurs may realize they need more space and bigger equipment. As a result, they move their operations to a larger community kitchen. In this area, food entrepreneurs have desired … >More

Pull up one more chair for youth

January 2, 2017 From Youth Today: Currently in Massachusetts, the Council for State Governments is making recommendations for reforming and reinvesting in our criminal justice system to get better recidivism outcomes. I was able to join a meeting they had with community groups as a member of UTEC, a local nonprofit. I sat and listened … >More