November 27, 2018

From Northshore Magazine:

A few years ago, after a fire rendered his family homeless, Tico Mirambeaux’s thoughts were filled with things like deciding whether to spend another night at a friend’s place or in Eagle Park in Lowell. But today, having spent the last year working at Café UTEC in downtown Lowell, 22-year-old Mirambeaux has other things on his mind, like getting the meatballs and vegetarian chili ready in the morning, or the joy of preparing one of his specialties: buffalo chicken wraps. He also thinks about a future in the restaurant business—a future that, thanks to what he’s learned so far, he faces with newfound determination. “If I was to leave UTEC today, whether it’s as a prep cook or a line cook, in the kitchen I feel like I can do it all,” he says

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