UTEC Family Fund Goal: $500,000 by June 30, 2020

UTEC Family Fund has been established to offset the costs associated with COVID-19

Our social enterprise model, education program, free early childhood education, and wrap-around services uniquely positions UTEC to break down many barriers to the success of our young adults. This comprehensive model means, at a time like this, we must not just continue but intensify our services to ensure the cycle of poverty and violence is not repeated, despite lost revenue from our social enterprises.

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Read about how UTEC continues to bring #MaddLove at a social distance during this critical time. 


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The Cost:

We have already incurred a loss of $250,000 related to the Coronavirus (nearly $50,000 in the first week alone from event and catering cancellations).

If we must continue to keep our social enterprises closed for a longer term, we risk losing between $100-125K per month (including the additional expenses such as food delivery).

Despite these challenges, we are continuing to pay stipends to all young adults in programming.

We must create a new line item for the deliveries of food and home essentials

Additional expenses include purchases for new Chromebooks, as well as other technology needs to assist our remote work.

The Goal:

The total goal is $500,000.

We are currently fundraising $500,000 by June 30th, the end of our fiscal year. Meeting this goal would ensure our essential services continue in this time of amplified need.

A Letter from UTEC Regarding COVID-19

UTEC’s Plan for Programs and Services in Response to COVID-19


UTEC has suspended onsite programming. We continue to monitor the situation and follow all official requirements and guidance on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. In this time, we’re being creative and relentless in the delivery of programs and services for our young adults (YAs) in Lowell, Lawrence, and Haverhill, MA. The UTEC Family Fund has been established to help offset the costs associated with COVID-19.


Program Implications

Young Adult Wages: UTEC is committed to continuing to pay young adults’ stipends throughout the duration of suspended programming, along with adjusting and amplifying our supports.

Regular Food Delivery: Boxes of groceries, prepared meals, cleaning supplies, and materials for YA children (diapers, wipes and activity packets) are delivered multiple times a week.

Targeted Gang Outreach and Crisis Intervention: Streetworkers have been instrumental to gathering and distributing these materials and are using the opportunity to provide material goods during a time of need as an avenue to connecting with gang members in the communities we serve. Streetworkers are also still providing critical gang intervention services for any conflicts on the streets.

Transitional Coaching (TC) Support: TCs are continuing to contact and support all Young Adults (YAs) daily and have the goal of a virtual face-to-face contact no less than two times a week. They ensure YAs have the resources they need to work towards their personal and professional goals during this time, including parenting tools.

Pre-Release Services in Correctional Facilities: Because jails are not allowing visitors at this time, UTEC is working to enable Streetworkers and TCs to maintain regular contact with incarcerated YAs and their families via calls and letters. We are also supporting families of incarcerated YAs with material deliveries.

Mental Health Services: Our Mental Health Counselor is available daily to all YAs (and staff) for virtual sessions via video chat and has been on the streets helping to deliver boxes of material goods.

Educational and Workforce Development Training: UTEC’s Chromebooks have been taken from our HiSet classroom and distributed to YAs’s homes. Additional Chromebooks have been purchased and will be set up and are being distributed to YAs so that they can work on HiSet, online learning oppor- tunities and workforce certifications.

2Gen Child Care Program: Our center had to close due to the child care ban, however, our 2Gen staff have been calling all families enrolled in our early education center and are providing materials to include in packets to families. A daily online storytime for children with one of our teachers has also been set up.

Policy and Organizing: Young adults will participate in calls related to any campaigns moving forward. We are focused on developing ideas and proposals for the state to consider new legislation related to the impact of COVID-19 on our services.

Contact: Sue Gladstone at sgladstone@utecinc.org
Donations: utecinc.org/Donate
Checks to: UTEC, P.O. Box 7066 Lowell, MA 01852