June 25, 2019

From The Lowell Sun:

UTEC, Inc. was formed 20 years ago to reduce gang violence in the city. Now, it will establish the state’s premier training facility aimed at reducing gun violence across Massachusetts.

Thanks to a two-year, $700,000 grant from the state Department of Public Health, UTEC will oversee the creation of the Gun Violence Prevention Training Center for Excellence, which will seek to address gun violence through a public-health and racial-equity lens.

UTEC CEO Gregg Croteau said it is also a chance to elevate street work as a professional field and provide a career path for advancement. He said the state funding is recognition that youth and street workers are an essential part of the equation in addressing gun violence.

“We’re thrilled to be fortunate to launch this center,” Croteau said. “It provides an opportunity to do work at the state level and build capacity to expand the scope of this work to the national level.”

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