February 7, 2017

From the Lowell Sun: 

LOWELL — If you’ve hung around UTEC and the youth organizing community in the last decade, you probably know Eddie Mercado.

A regular at UTEC on Warren Street, he was a voice for youth involvement in Lowell. “He made voting cool for our young people,” said Gregg Croteau, UTEC’s executive director.

“He made organizing and civics cool. To go to City Council meetings was cool.” Mercado was always helping out others, emphasized his brother, Edwin.

After previously joining a gang, dropping out of high school and being stabbed three times, Mercado’s life was turned around by UTEC; he ended up sharing his lessons with others. “He gave them advice so they wouldn’t get in trouble,” Edwin, 26, said at UTEC last week. “He was always positive.”

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